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Hi. I'm Dr. Amber.


As a family doc, I hear many of my patients say that they don't want me to prescribe a pill to fix their problem. The thing that surprises them is when I say, "I get it and I don't want to prescribe a medication to you either unless you really need it."

My philosophy is that many of the chronic diseases that we have like high blood pressure and diabetes can be avoided by doing lifestyle tweaks. Eating a healthier diet and exercise is the key so many cures. 

I've helped many patients avoid and even reverse chronic diseases by focusing on their diet. The greatest feeling is for me to take my patients with diabetes off of insulin and even show them that they can lose a couple pounds too. I also love when my patients are able to avoid chronic disease altogether even though they may have generations of family members who had to suffer with them. 

Teaching people ways to improve their lifestyles to become healthier has become a HUGE passion project of mine.


Come as you are RIGHT NOW!


I would like to help you on your journey to a healthier and happier life. You don't have to do anything to prepare. Let me take that off your shoulders. I will help you look into ways to incorporate healthy options into your lifestyle as you are right now. 

I will build a customized plan just for you to cover your health goals. The great thing is that you don't have to figure out an elaborate plan by yourself.  As a doctor and health coach, I can help you. 


I believe that everyone is different. No plan works for everybody. Some of those plans you may find online can lead to yo-yo dieting. So we will work together to find a health plan that works best for you to reach your health goals. 

Even the focus of  us working together is more that about just losing weight, you will likely shed pounds as we work together. Our focus will be more on making sure that you are on the right track with your health. 


Are you READY to get started? 

Work with me over a 12 week period to jumpstart your health goals. This program is tailored just for you. We will have 12 one-hour sessions weekly that can be in person, via phone or computer. You will have weekly emails from me along with having me as your accountability partner. Prior to us getting started, we will have a 15 minute complimentary call to see if this is the right fit for you. 

This program that will literally CHANGE YOUR LIFE only costs $1800. 

I look forward to helping you reach your health goals!

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