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Updated: Nov 12, 2019

There are countless times when I hear patients say to me, “You know what, Doc, I’m just gonna wait for a few months before I make any healthy changes to my life. Right now I have too much going on to be concerned about my health.”

I get it. Life gets in our way on a daily basis. Though we have intention to do good things for ourselves, the time eventually just slips away from you. Before you know it the day is over. We wake up the next morning and try to start again with good health intentions, but time continues to slip away from us. (I keep thinking about how this year is literally almost over. It’s November, ya’ll! Can you believe it!?!?)

I’m not here to lie to you and say I'm perfect at this either. None of us are perfect and surely I’m not exempt from that. But if we know time keeps passing us by at a high speed, then do we really have time to wait to start getting healthy? Will that tomorrow ever come when you’re trying to make a healthy lifestyle change?

I have to be real with you...for some people those changes don't happen until something bad happens. As a primary care doctor, one of the most amazing things to me is to witness a person making healthy life changes. But many times this happens when we discover he or she has diabetes or another chronic disease. For some reason, it just snaps in many of my patients heads that is is time to really work on making healthy choices. What I absolutely LOVE is when my patients participate in classes for those who are newly diagnosed with diabetes. I know the fact that I love this sounds strange...but it literally is the first time many of my patients actually learn about developing health habits. It’s the first time they talk about nutrition and physical activity in a place outside of the doctor's office. For those who embrace this experience, it can be life changing.

I have had so many of my patients lose weight after being diagnosed with diabetes and others who eventually got taken off of medication because their diabetes was reversed. Even though this can be exciting to me, I wonder why did it even have to get to this point? Why did my beloved patient even have to get diabetes in the first place? This could have been avoided.

For a lot of them it’s because they waited to make their lives healthier. They got distracted with the busy of life and did not realize that this literally put their lives on the line. That’s why I urge you to start today. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t meet your goals. It’s truly OK. The fact that you are doing more is better. We have to give ourselves credit for trying. The good thing about wellness is that any step towards a healthier life counts.

I’m hopeful that you will start today on your journey to a healthier life. It can be as simple as taking a walk today during your lunch break or eating a salad. Those are all great starting points. You can do this! Let's start today!

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